Little Big Kid (Writer/Director; 10 minutes; 2010 )


Eighty-year-old Matthew Little experiences a brief, magical return to childhood when he meets eight-year-old Johnny at a lemonade stand.


Little Big Kid won a LEO for Best Student Production in British Columbia at the 2011 Leo Awards in Vancouver, Canada.



  • Nelson Youth Film Festival 2015
  • Las Vegas Cine Fest 2012
  • Los Angeles’ Women’s International Film Festival 2011
  • Chicago Children's International Film Festival 2010 (Academy Award qualifying children's film festival)
  • Montreal World Film Festival 2010
  • The Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2010
  • KidFest Philly Films 2010
  • Philadelphia First Glance Film Festival 2010



  • Best Student Production, Leo Awards 2011
  • Best Performance in a Short Film, Los Angeles Young Artists Award 2011
  • Golden Sheaf Award Nominee, Yorkton Film Festival 2011
  • Best Actor, Vancouver Short Film Festival 2010
  • Best Director & the Audience Choice Award, Philadelphia First Glance Film Festival 2010
  • Best Film, Best Director, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography, Audience Choice Award, & Vancouver Women in Film Award, UBC’s POV Film Festival 2010

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