Paradise Island (Writer/Director/Editor/Producer)

Every year, one million tourists arrive in Boracay to get away from reality… but what is the reality for those who live there and cannot escape it? Documentary filmmaker Kat Jayme travels to Boracay, the crown jewel of the Philippines and her family’s favourite vacation spot — but this time she is not on holiday. With the help of the local children of the island, who make sandcastles for money, she discovers what life is really like on Paradise Island.

Festivals & Awards

  • Best Short Documentary Nominee, Leo Awards 2016
  • Best Documentary Screenplay Nominee, Leo Awards 2016
  • Award of Excellence, Canada Intl. Film Festival 2016
  • Eco Tourism Award, Cinema Verde Film Festival 2016
  • Silver Lei Award, Honolulu Intl. Film Festival 2016
  • Yale Environmental Film Festival 2016
  • Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival 2015
  • Dina Filipino Film Showcase Seattle 2016 
  • Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2016
  • To Save and Preserve Intl. Ecological TV Festival 2016
  • Transition Bondi Sydney, Australia Community Screening 2016
  • UBC 100 Next Film Festival 2016
  • Cinema Verde St. Augustine Film Festival 2016
  • VIFF + Surfrider Vancouver Foundation Environmental Film Fundraiser 2016
  • Cannes Short Film Corner 2015

Help the locals of Boracay and the subjects of Paradise Island by booking a creative meeting with Kat to discuss your film project.
All the proceeds will go towards buying food for families, milk for newborn babies, medicine for those in need, and getting electricity back in their homes.